The Prosecco Road, Osteria senza Oste in Valdobbiadene and Molinetto della Croda old mill

Primavera del Prosecco, percorsi esclusivi per un soggiorno all'Hotel Le Terrazze

The Prosecco Road is the perfect destination for nature lovers and foodies, a route through the famous Prosecco hills from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene. And of course no visit would be complete without a glass of the famous sparkling wine at one of the vineyards!

A visit to the Osteria senza Oste in Valdobbiadene

Osteria senza Oste: a warm and friendly welcome

The Osteria senza Oste restaurant in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, the home of Prosecco and Cartizze sparkling wine, is hidden away in the rolling vine-covered hills. This rustic restaurant is the place to enjoy mouth-watering snacks and light meals in the company of friends or family.

But here is the twist: there is no landlord at this particular inn! You serve yourself freely and there is an honesty box for customers to pay for what they have eaten. Indeed, the restaurant’s name translates as the “inn with no innkeeper”. The food (which is excellent) is stored in containers which are clearly marked with the price. When you have finished eating, add up what you owe and leave the money in the box.

A visit to beautiful Refrontolo:

The Molinetto della Croda water mill in the Lierza valley is one of the most charming corners of the region. For nearly four centuries, it has inspired artists and wowed thousands of visitors. A typical example of rural 17th century architecture, the building was constructed in several stages. It is one of just a handful of water mills which are still operational. The old mill, a symbol of a rural way of life under threat from the modern world, was thought to have ground its last flour in 1953.

For many years, it was derelict and left to rot. Recently, however, it has been painstakingly restored, whilst retaining its key features. Purchased by the village of Refrontolo in 1991, this crucial example of local cultural heritage is now run the community, who organise guided tours.

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